About Rewild

Rewild [re-wahyld] - to return to a natural state.

Rewild was born after Leisa encountered a parasite in 2016 travelling overseas. To sum it up, she was completely stripped of her health and after a very long, scary journey, she was told to focus on rebuilding her gut health. Haley, the researcher of the two, discovered Water Kefir, a fermented probiotic drink that is naturally sparkling. And here begins the Rewild adventure.

Through Leisa’s health journey and learning about and experimenting with Water Kefir, we realised something - How can we be happy, healthy and thriving if the environment we live in, isn’t. Rewild expanded into beautiful eco friendly and sustainable products to support our health as well as the environment.

Here at Rewild & Co, our goal is to be happy, healthy and thriving in a happy, healthy environment. 
Rewild your life. 

Our dream for Rewild does not stop here. Stay tuned eco warriors!